MOSCOW (Reuters) - The world's largest consumer goods maker Procter & Gamble (N:PG) plans to invest a further 3 billion roubles ($48.5 million) in its Russian production facilities this year, a senior company executive overseeing the Russian market told Reuters.

"We are committed to the market, we are committed to the Russian consumers. Until today we have invested roughly $800 million and counting," Sotirios Marinidis, general manager for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, said in a recent interview.

The lion share of the upcoming investments would be in a new distribution centre at the Novomoskovsk plant, south of Moscow, to improve supply chain efficiency, Marinidis said.

The U.S.-based maker of Tide detergent also plans to modernise production lines at its Gillette plant in St Petersburg and expand its capacity by 25 percent, he said.

In 2016-2017, the company invested a combined 6 billion roubles in the two plants, increasing the share of local production and reducing waste.